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Digital Transformation of Micro-finance Institutions with Kred.

Digital Loan Account for your members for instant access to credit

Hello from Kred

We help Cooperative Credit Societies and other Financial Services Companies like you to efficiently serve your customers

Run your business from a simple online dashboard. You can easily integrate compliance, policies, and processes for your customer's account. Here end-to-end life cycle management of your customer is taken care of. Insights about multiple branches in various cities or states can be available at a click of a button.

So simple. No technology skills required.

Streamlined Processes

Digitising onboarding and life-cycle management of customers.

Automate Accounting

Reduce dependence on manual inputs and so remove errors.

Optimise Operations

Find hidden waste of time, money and effort.

Anywhere Everywhere 24x7

Provide banking services available online, on mobile.

Simple. Easy. Instant

Intutive dashboard helps you learn processes and performance, better.

Be like a bank, even better

Provide access to finance on mobile. Help manage wealth.

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